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برنامه گذار:  نغمه زیبا

موضوع برنامه: مباحث داغ روز

She is known as Jennifer Ziba too. She is a persian pop singer. Since she was a little girl she enjoyed  setting up shows  with her family. She did this every evening and this became a ritual for her and her family. Her first song she wrote  was  dedicated  to her father whom she  admired very much.  Later on  in  High school Naghmeh put together her own rock band and after doing this she fell more in love with music. After high school she went to school and  majored  in  Acting, Directing  and  singing. Naghmeh  was trained by Richard Lauren. She Sings English,farsi, Arabic, Turkish,  Hebrew,   She dedicate embraceable you to Richard The 1st song she worked On She also works on Educational program for disabled children Through her Foundation

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